The public debate : Offshore wind farm off the coast of Courseulles-sur-Mer

On July 4th 2012, the National Commission for public debate (CNDP) decided to organize, under its direct responsability, a public debate about a project of a wind farm at sea in the offing of Courseulles sur Mer.
The project involves the installation of 75 windmills at sea for a unit capacity of 6 MW, a total power of 450 MW, localized from 6 to 10 Miles off  the coast  of Calvados by Courseulles-sur-Mer, covering a total area of 50km².

The CNDP mandated the preparation and the management of the public debate to a neutral and independent ad hoc special commission in charge of the coordination and chaired by Ms Claude Brévan.
As provided for in the law, the process of the public debate should allow the public to be informed and express their opinion on “the advisability, objectives and characteristics” of the project. After closure of the public debate, the CNDP will publish the report submitted by the president of the CPDP, as well as the assessment of the debate.
The public debate about the project of wind farm at sea in the offing of Courseulles-sur-Mer, is spread over a period of four months between 20 march and 20 July 2013.


How to get the information you need and participate in the debate

The SCPD (Special Commission for Public Debate) provides you with a variety of tools. You can acquire essential information and participate in the public debate during the four months it lasts.

  • Participate in the 11 public meetings organised in Calvados.
  • Download documents on the debate (records of the contracting authorities, studies, RTE (company responsible for high and very high voltage electricity transportation in France) contribution and minutes of the public meetings).

You can ask questions on the debate website and give your opinion about the project. The contractor’s documents are available in English on the SCPD website.
Your document requests, questions and opinions can also be sent to the SCPD using the T coupon, by post or by email.

  • Provide a written contribution* with details of your arguments concerning the project. Some of these contributions will be kept by the SCPD to be included in stakeholder reports. They will then be formatted to standard and printed by the SCPD before being handed out at meetings. They will also be available on the Internet and through subscription.

* The debate will be in French. Contributions must therefore also be in French.

  • You can follow debate news online and check out the latest information. ( )
  • You can also view the available documents and studies concerning the debate at the offices of the SCPD in Bayeux* and every Tuesday morning at the information desk in the Town Hall of Courseulles-sur-Mer.

* Open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings.

The Schedule of meetings


   Download the Newsletter of the public debate